New York Transcription Company Finds Digital Audio Recordings Still Problematic

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TruTranscripts, Inc. experts since 1982 suggest a few techniques to enhance digital audio recording for transcription purposes.

New York, NY – TruTranscripts, Inc. has been providing transcription services to the media, financial and pharma/medical industries for over 25 years.  Now with internet and digital communications at the forefront of their operation, they affirm that audio has become easier to record, manipulate and transfer from source to destination.  Currently generating transcripts from the latest digital technology, TruTranscripts has some technical advice for those who record their own events and may be seeking transcription services.

“Digital recorders are the most common and convenient tool for capturing a spoken event or interview” says Sandra Arroyo, Technical Support Supervisor.  “Although digital technology has made recording easier, it is still possible to capture bad sound or audio with quality issues,” she says.  “These factors play a role in the interpretation of the dialogue and ultimately the accuracy of the transcript”.

TruTranscripts suggests a few techniques one should consider if your end product is a transcript.  They strongly encourage the use of lapel or lavaliere microphones and express that you not be apprehensive about asking the participants to wear one; the positive results benefit the transcribers and in the end, produce a cleaner transcript.  Other external microphones can be utilized.  For example, some of their customers obtained good results by using omni directional and table conference microphones that can be purchased where audio equipment and accessories are sold.  Also, set the recording speed to standard or SP for a higher sound quality.  Do not use voice-activated devices.  Pay careful consideration to the surrounding conditions, background noises and ambient sounds.  Test the voice dynamics of the participants.  Some individuals speak loudly in the beginning then trail off; this is very common and almost always problematic, therefore adjustments should be made at this point.  When asked about the concern over voice recognition technology, TruTranscripts says they have had clients try it but were very disappointed with the results, citing garbled phrases and unintelligible words, especially with multiple voices or the presence of ambient sound.  Ultimately, they returned to traditional transcribing methods.

Along with a host of transcription services, TruTranscripts can often enhance or clean-up their client’s recorded material with the latest sound enhancement and restoration software.  This service is available with or without the preparation of transcripts.  TruTranscripts can work with virtually any digital or analog format.  They produce transcripts from cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs, Mp3 files, teleconferences as well as MiniDVs, flashcards, scan disks, memory sticks, DSS files and internet capture such as webcasts.  TruTranscripts can produce time-coded transcripts from non-time coded material as well.  All transcripts are prepared by their own transcribers and never internationally or third party outsourced.   Some commonly asked questions can be found on the Technical FAQ page of their website at

TruTranscripts, Inc., Expert Transcription Services for over 25 Years, Opposes International Outsourcing

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New York Transcription Company concerned over client confidentiality and American job loss.

New York, NY – TruTranscripts, Inc., in New York City providers of transcription services to the media, financial and pharma/medical industries, is responding to a growing concern of over American transcribers losing their jobs to offshore transcription suppliers. According to TruTranscripts, this trend is growing rapidly and, somewhat dishonestly. They’re constantly being solicited from international transcribing companies to outsource, and even found their website linked backed to a transcription company in India offering their own services instead.

“Made in the USA still means something to me”, says company Founder and President, John Farrington. “The most important thing TruTranscripts can do for our clients and our nation is to keep American transcribers employed. International outsourcing will never be an option.”

TruTranscripts also believes that outsourcing transcription services is a bad idea; not only does it contribute to American job loss and weakening the national economy, but for quality control and the privacy and security concerns of their clients. They say that the potential risk is too great. Patient confidentially, clinical trials and new drug testing, as well as non-public legal and financial material would all be subject to admission. Therefore, all of the company’s transcripts are prepared by their own employees who are obligated to sign non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

TruTranscripts offers a host of transcription services including transcripts from time coded audio and video, webcast and internet capture, teleconferences and time coded teleconferences and offer FTP site options for transferring customer files. Virtually any digital or analog format can be submitted and they’re often able to enhance the sound quality of your recorded material. TruTranscripts was first transcription company to create time coded transcripts from non time coded audio and video sources and also the first to record time coded teleconferences for the broadcast media. In business for over 25 years, they currently offer transcription services to a client base that extends worldwide. “We’re proud of our reputation for long lasting client relationships and the confidence our customers have in us,” Farrington says. “We would never do anything to jeopardize that commitment.”

TruTranscripts Announces our FTP Site & Dial-In Dictation

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TruTranscripts now offers the convenient option of uploading and downloading audio files using File Transfer Protocol (“FTP”). An FTP site offers the most efficient and secured means of transferring files from one computer to another over the internet.

Should you choose this option, we will create a private user account by providing a user name and password for each job. You can then upload your recorded material onto the FTP site. TruTranscripts will collect the information from your folder and upon completion of your transcripts, return the documents through our conversion and file transfer process.

In addition to our personally monitored teleconferences / phone feeds, we now make dial-in dictation easy with the installation of our 24 hour digital recorder. Call in and record your dialogue into this automated system; an attendant is not needed. Your material is stored into memory where we will retrieve it, and prepare your transcriptions in the timely manner you’ve come to expect from TruTranscripts.

TruTranscripts Goes Audio Visual with On-Site Recording

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We are pleased to announce to you that along with the host of services offered by TruTranscripts, we have now extended those services to include on-site recording of your live events.

Bad sound and audio quality plays a role in the interpretation of the dialogue and ultimately the
transcript. Oftentimes clients are at the mercy of the person assigned to tape their event and
unaware of the results. But TruTranscripts wants to make the progression from audio to transcript easy
for you.

Whether your situation is an executive meeting, interview, product launch or medical presentation, highly skilled engineers will be on-site to capture the sound and visual aspect of your event. Clarity and precision are taken into account for any circumstance that we record, therefore our sound and video technicians utilize the latest technology to ensure first-rate results.

Video can be a vital aspect of your event as well. Whether the ultimate use is for documentary,
broadcast, distribution or archival purposes, technical professionals can provide you with the
appropriate production designed to meet your needs.

  • Backed by stability and experience
  • The latest AV technology
  • Available on an event-by-event basis
  • Live Teleconferencing (phone-feeds)

And, as always, we will provide you with transcriptions in the timely manner you have come to expect from TruTranscripts.

We Changed Our Name

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The time for change had come. As of April 1st, 2004, The Typettes became known as TruTranscripts, A Division of RIM Inc. Although our name has changed, please be assured our staff and services has not. Our talented and devoted transcriptionists are still here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your transcription needs.

TruTranscripts, formerly known as The Typettes will continue as the Transcription Experts, providing you the best source for hard copy dialogue, serving clients locally, nationally and internationally.

As The Typettes, we wish to thank you for your continued patronage and support throughout the years. As TruTranscripts, we look forward to continuing our business relationship and pledge our best efforts to the successful and timely completion of all your media needs.