Professional Transcription Services

– Audio and Video to Text

When AI output is just not good enough,

let TruTranscripts produce an accurate readable transcript for your company or organization.

We can use your template, or you can choose one of our standard transcript formats.


Video Conferences

Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings

Media Post-Production Editing


AI Transcript Editing


Advisory Boards

Focus Groups

Live Events

Secure On-Site Transcription


Our transcription services far exceed the quality obtained by AI.  They are trained in ESL-dictator transcription and can accurately transcribe a variety of accents and dialects.  In addition, our team’s training includes research skills to verify the correct spelling of many mid- to high-profile people, geographical locations, pop culture references, slang, brand names, etc.  Our transcribers strive for 100% accuracy, and each transcript is reviewed for quality before it’s returned to you.   


Security is important to our clients.  Our transcribers are 100% US based and have current, signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  TruTranscripts provides a secure FTP site that is user-access-controlled.  Clients can log in for convenient audio file upload and completed document retrieval.

Quick Turnaround.

We know that time is money, so we specialize in a quick turnaround time.  Same day services and overnight services are available.