Internet Audio Capture

By utilizing the latest in audio/video software, TruTranscripts can download or record events such as webcasts, shows, seminars and presentations via the Internet. Just give us the link or URL access and we will take it from there.

Analogue and Digital Audio Transfer

TruTranscripts is fully equipped to dub and prepare your VHS, DAT, Mini Disc, standard or micro cassettes for transcription purposes. We can also transfer your analogue audio to digital format. If you have old recordings on tape or even pre-recorded music that you would like to put into your digital library or iPod, we can take those recordings and digitize them, then burn the files to a disk , upload them to an FTP folder, or save them to a data storage device of your choosing. We can even boost the volume and do minor restoration on hard to hear audio.

Secure FTP Site

TruTranscripts offers its clients the convenient option of uploading and downloading files using a secure file transfer protocol (FTP). The TruTranscripts FTP site offers the most efficient and secure means of transferring files from one computer to another via the Internet. You will be given an individual user authenticated login crediental to access the FTP and upload your recorded material.

Teleconferences / Phone Feeds

TruTranscripts can record your audio via telephone; also known as a phone feed. Your event is fully monitored by an in-house technician to ensure that sound quality is maintained throughout the recording. For time coded transcripts, simply provide us with your start time at the beginning of the feed, and we will transcribe your event accordingly.

File Transfer

All completed transcripts are returned to our clients via e-mail or your preferred method.  Printed copies are still an available service.