Magazine format is a clean-read representation of the dialogue, eliminating non-lexical fillers like, uhs, ums, uh-huh, mm-hmm and false starts, insignificant remarks and noises.  It is presented in a full page layout, allowing for easy reading purposes.

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Script format is a verbatim representation of the dialogue, including all non-lexical fillers and background sounds.  It is presented in script layout style with a wide left margin, making it ideal for post-production and editorial notes.

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Time Code

Time code format is ideal for video, film and audio editing.  We can apply time code from non-time coded recordings starting at zero (00:00:00) or from an embedded track or signal, or from a suggested starting time provided by the client.  Dialogue representation and layout is the same as script format.

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BITC or Burn-in Time Code format is uniquely designed to apply time codes to transcripts that match the window burn-in time code running in the video.   Dialogue representation and layout is the same as script format.

Medical Format

Medical format is design for those who require an accurate representation of medical terminology with full names and professional credentials.  Dialogue representation is clean-read as in Magazine format.

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Medical Time Code Format

Medical time code format follows the time code format and layout, with an accurate representation of medial terminology and professional credentials. Dialogue representation is verbatim.