TruTranscripts Announces our FTP Site & Dial-In Dictation

By May 8, 2005February 6th, 2017News

TruTranscripts now offers the convenient option of uploading and downloading audio files using File Transfer Protocol (“FTP”). An FTP site offers the most efficient and secured means of transferring files from one computer to another over the internet.

Should you choose this option, we will create a private user account by providing a user name and password for each job. You can then upload your recorded material onto the FTP site. TruTranscripts will collect the information from your folder and upon completion of your transcripts, return the documents through our conversion and file transfer process.

In addition to our personally monitored teleconferences / phone feeds, we now make dial-in dictation easy with the installation of our 24 hour digital recorder. Call in and record your dialogue into this automated system; an attendant is not needed. Your material is stored into memory where we will retrieve it, and prepare your transcriptions in the timely manner you’ve come to expect from TruTranscripts.