TruTranscripts, Inc., Expert Transcription Services for over 25 Years, Opposes International Outsourcing

By October 15, 2007February 6th, 2017News

New York Transcription Company concerned over client confidentiality and American job loss.

New York, NY – TruTranscripts, Inc., in New York City providers of transcription services to the media, financial and pharma/medical industries, is responding to a growing concern of over American transcribers losing their jobs to offshore transcription suppliers. According to TruTranscripts, this trend is growing rapidly and, somewhat dishonestly. They’re constantly being solicited from international transcribing companies to outsource, and even found their website linked backed to a transcription company in India offering their own services instead.

“Made in the USA still means something to me”, says company Founder and President, John Farrington. “The most important thing TruTranscripts can do for our clients and our nation is to keep American transcribers employed. International outsourcing will never be an option.”

TruTranscripts also believes that outsourcing transcription services is a bad idea; not only does it contribute to American job loss and weakening the national economy, but for quality control and the privacy and security concerns of their clients. They say that the potential risk is too great. Patient confidentially, clinical trials and new drug testing, as well as non-public legal and financial material would all be subject to admission. Therefore, all of the company’s transcripts are prepared by their own employees who are obligated to sign non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

TruTranscripts offers a host of transcription services including transcripts from time coded audio and video, webcast and internet capture, teleconferences and time coded teleconferences and offer FTP site options for transferring customer files. Virtually any digital or analog format can be submitted and they’re often able to enhance the sound quality of your recorded material. TruTranscripts was first transcription company to create time coded transcripts from non time coded audio and video sources and also the first to record time coded teleconferences for the broadcast media. In business for over 25 years, they currently offer transcription services to a client base that extends worldwide. “We’re proud of our reputation for long lasting client relationships and the confidence our customers have in us,” Farrington says. “We would never do anything to jeopardize that commitment.”