TruTranscripts Goes Audio Visual with On-Site Recording

By May 2, 2005February 6th, 2017News

We are pleased to announce to you that along with the host of services offered by TruTranscripts, we have now extended those services to include on-site recording of your live events.

Bad sound and audio quality plays a role in the interpretation of the dialogue and ultimately the
transcript. Oftentimes clients are at the mercy of the person assigned to tape their event and
unaware of the results. But TruTranscripts wants to make the progression from audio to transcript easy
for you.

Whether your situation is an executive meeting, interview, product launch or medical presentation, highly skilled engineers will be on-site to capture the sound and visual aspect of your event. Clarity and precision are taken into account for any circumstance that we record, therefore our sound and video technicians utilize the latest technology to ensure first-rate results.

Video can be a vital aspect of your event as well. Whether the ultimate use is for documentary,
broadcast, distribution or archival purposes, technical professionals can provide you with the
appropriate production designed to meet your needs.

  • Backed by stability and experience
  • The latest AV technology
  • Available on an event-by-event basis
  • Live Teleconferencing (phone-feeds)

And, as always, we will provide you with transcriptions in the timely manner you have come to expect from TruTranscripts.