Frequently Asked Technical Questions:

Does TruTranscripts have an FTP site that I can upload my files to?

Yes. We have a secure and confidential FTP site available to our clients.

                     NOTE: Do Not Send Any Audio or Video Files As Email Attachments

Okay, how do I proceed?

Let us know when you are ready to upload your files. We will provide you with the link and login credentials. When you have your audio or video file(s) ready, just copy and paste or drag and drop them into your folder on our FTP site. Here’s an example of how to access our secure FTP server:

            Go to:

            A "log in box" appears asking for the user name and password

            User name: test
            Password: client

After you enter your user name and password, select “Log On”.  When the folder opens, you’ll then drag or copy your file(s) into the open folder.  After the upload is complete, exit the folder and alert us that your files are ready to be retrieved.

I work from a MAC, are there special instructions for MAC users?

There are many FTP “Clients” available to assist MAC users with the transfer of files such as FileZilla, Fetch, and Cyberduck. We’ve always been able to support a MAC user who may experience difficulty uploading files. TruTranscripts will help you through it.

What type of audio files can be uploaded?

Virtually any audio or video files can be uploaded to our FTP folder.   If you have a concern, call us to confirm the format of the file you wish to upload.

Can TruTranscripts work with Time Code Audio? 

Yes, TruTranscripts can prepare time coded transcripts from time code and non time code sources. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

            Time Code from an audible signal or LTC: 

           Keep time code signal on a separate channel on your audio file.
           Ex. Audio track on 1 – time code track on 2 or vice-versa.

           Time code range should be between -10 to +3 dB. Time codes should
          not be louder than the audio track.

          Keep time code signal and audio volume consistent throughout your recording.
         A jittery or skipping signal can result in inconsistent codes.

We can also read time code from BWF files or audio with embedded track or signal.

How do I get my transcripts back?

Upon completion of your transcripts, we will email the documents to you in a Word document.

I have a 50 minute audio file that is broken into 10 small files.  Can I send it this way?

Yes.  We can work with fragmented files or several small files. Please know that files submitted in this manner may require additional time to download, adjust for continuity and prepare for transcribing.

I only have original material, should I send it?

It is always advised that you send copies and not original material as damage may occur during shipping and receiving or through wear and tear.   If you must send originals, please alert us that they are originals and know that we will exercise the utmost care with your original material.

These are just some commonly asked technical questions.  If you need further information regarding digital or analogue formats, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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